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A family divided: a Yemeni family struggles after travel ban

The Supreme Court upheld President Trump's travel ban preventing nationals from 5 majority-Muslim countries, plus North Korea and Venezuela, from entering the US. The administration put the policy in place to " protect US citizens from terrorist attacks and other public-safety threats ," but many are referring to it simply as a “Muslim ban.” Amal Alaoudi shares how the ban has affected life for her and her family. The ban is one of many policies targeting immigrants, refugees, and asylees who may be fleeing violence, famine, or war. Amal Alaoudi is a teaching assistant at Skyline College in San Bruno, and she’s Yemeni American. Her siblings are stuck back in Yemen, which is in its 3rd year of a devastating war that Amnesty International says has so far killed and injured more than 15 thousand people, and forced 3 million people from their homes. Amal was planning to bring her brothers and sisters to safety here in the Bay Area. Then, the travel ban happened, and Yemen is on the list. Here’s Amal's story, in her own words.

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A big appreciation for Junhui and Minghao On top of preparing for Ideal Cut, practicing their solo stages, and preparing for the comeback, they also had to write lyrics, prepare and practice the performance, and travel from Korea to China back and forth for this show

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